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Xandire’s Truthseekers

Bound together through adversity, Xandire’s Truthseekers are a band of Stormcasts-errant on a mission from the God-King himself. When fleets sailing out of the Ulguan port-city of Misthåvn began to disappear with alarming regularity, Sigmar knew he could not remain idle. Rather than send his armies on a wild search through the dark, however, he opted for a more subtle approach – warbands of Thunderstrike-armoured champions who could scour Ulgu for the elusive truth.

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WHUW Xandire’sTruthseekers FeatureCard

Calthia Xandire

Armed with the Lantern Astrala – a relic of old Azyr capable of dissipating the thickest gloom – Xandire leads her fellows in search of Harrowdeep’s forgotten secrets.
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